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Jimmy Jib technical information

Industry Standard Camera Crane

The Jimmy Jib is the industry standard when it comes to camera cranes and jibs. It is easily and quickly transported, assembled and positioned, and the Jimmy Jib's flexibility and versatility mean that shots can be rapidly set-up, maximising filming efficiency. It will handle up to 50lb (22.6Kg) cameras. The 40ft crane will take 25lb (11.3Kg) cameras. The Jimmy Jib requires only a small operating area, varying with the length of the camera crane used; for more information you can download the Jimmy Jib footprint diagram.

Operation and Hire Costs

Standard hire and operation costs are based on a 10 hour day for the Operator and Assistant. One hour travel is provided free, additional travel hours are working time. Mileage, overtime and subsistence costs may also apply. To discuss your specific project requirements, please do call or email using the details below. Alternatively, contact Alwyn here.

Jimmy Jib Specifications

The Jimmy Jib can operate up to 40ft (12m) in length, giving maximum flexibility and control in your production whatever the location. You can see an illustration of the Jimmy Jib above - just choose your required length to see what the assembled Jib will look like. The working area footprint has three sizes, which are related to the rear length of the crane arm; for a better illustration of this you can download the Jimmy Jib footprint diagram. A 40ft (12m) Jib needs the same length at the back as a 30ft (9m).

Those Extra Bits

Jimmy Jib track and wheels are available (Jib track is wider than standard track for greater stability). Also for hire is the Jimmy Jib Dutch Head (allowing 360 degree rotation). All of Alwyn’s Jimmy Jibs are Loler certified and public liability insurance is carried to the value of £5,000,000. Employers’ liability insurance is also included to cover the legal issues entailed in engaging Jimmy Jib Assistants.