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About Alwyn Davies

Reliable Results

The Jimmy Jib is the industry standard camera crane, quick and easy to construct whilst adding a creative dimension to television and film productions of all sizes. Based in the North of England but operating nationwide, Alwyn is ideally placed to undertake projects cost-effectively throughout England, Scotland, Wales and beyond. As owner of three Jimmy Jibs, Jib Track and Jib Dutch Head, Alwyn can meet all of your camera crane production requirements, and all essential Jimmy Jib spares are carried to your studio or location as standard. This gives you an assurance: Alwyn’s crane will be reliable anywhere, anytime, every time.

Britain and Beyond

Alwyn Davies operates nationwide, providing Jimmy Jib and camera crane services anywhere. Based in the Northwest of England (close to Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield), he is ideally placed to travel anywhere in the UK, particularly the North and West of England, but also Wales, Scotland and throughout England. It’s even only a short ferry journey to Ireland. Whatever distance your shoot may be from London, this allows a cost-effective Jimmy Jib solution for your production. Manchester Airport is only 15 minutes away, so as necessary, a Jib can simply be flown to where it is required. You can find out more about the facilities available on the technical information page, or to discuss your specific project requirements, please call or email using the details below. Alternatively, you can contact Alwyn here.

Experience Matters

Anyone can buy a Jimmy Jib and claim to be an Operator. They can waste your valuable time and still not get the shot you need. It takes experience to safely get the right shot, from the right position, first time, saving your time and costs while maximising your production value. Alwyn’s been operating camera cranes and remote heads for over 20 years, becoming a freelance Jimmy Jib Owner/Operator in 1997. His career began as a studio, OB, film and location cameraman with the BBC in Manchester in the 80s. This wealth of TV and Film camera experience ensures true craft in the operation of the Jimmy Jib.

Creative Camerawork

In the many years that Alwyn has been operating cameras, Jimmy Jibs and camera cranes, he's built up an impressive CV. Extensive work in broadcast TV for the BBC, Sky, Channel 4, Channel 5, Discovery, National Geographic, ABC, CBC and many national and regional production companies is coupled with work on countless Film, Commercial and Corporate projects. This has allowed him to hone his skills and develop knowledge of every possible type of location. Coupled to an existing background in Studio and OB camerawork, this makes him one of the best in the business, bringing a level of professionalism, creativity, safety and experience to productions that few can match. For a CV of the work he has successfully undertaken in the industry, please call or email using the details below. Alternatively, contact Alwyn here.